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 Solvent Dyes Lemon Dhani

Solvent Dyes Lemon Dhani

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Solvent dyes

Application : all the solvent dyes are used in inks, transparent colours for glass lamination, for fibre sheets, for plastic and polyster inks, for churi or bangles,etc

Range of colours:

  1. Yellow R

  2. Yellow GL

  3. Yellow 43

  4. Black RE

  5. Black RL

  6. Orange RL

  7. Violet

  8. Green GL

  9. Fire red G

  10. Fire red B

  11. Red 2BLM

  12. Blue 2GLN

  13. Royal blue

  14. Pink 5BLG

  15. Brown 5R

  16. Brown 2RM

  17. Lemon dhani

  18. Golden dhani